Everything You Need To Know

Covid-19 Safety Plan

Our number one priority is the safety of our community, you, your child and our staff.

Below you will find outlined all our recent updates to procedures, signage and frequently asked questions related to Corona Virus pandemic.

The climate is rapidly changing and we will continue to provide our customers with current updates as they come to hand. 

If you have a query or seek further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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Signs around the premises you should familiarise yourself with. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Signs around the premises you should familiarise yourself with. 

To keep their children warm whilst going to and from swimming.

Here are some ideas:
1. Bring your dressing gown or robe
2. Wrap up in a large towel
3. Use a beanie or hair towel – it stops the loss of body heat and keeps the hair dry.

You can bring 2 adults per family to swimming. However during peak times only one adult per family is permitted on pool deck.
Please ask if you are unsure, we can clarify and advise on numbers for that class time.

The toilet is for toileting only.  As toilet can be a breeding ground for germs and other pathogens, it is not encouraged to be changing your clothes in them.  Drying and changing children quickly on pool minimises touchpoint and reduces the chance of transmission.

For the safety of our community and the need to minimise the exposure to touchpoints. Our showers are available for use. However, do encourage caution.  The safety of you, your child and our staff remain our highest priority. 

Arrive Ready to Go

Arrive early, prepared dressed for the lesson where possible 

STRONGLY encourage all Parents / Carers to shower/change their child/ren at home where possible.


Overcrowding in the bathrooms is not adhering to social distancing rules. We ask for your help whilst in the bathroom. This requires some adjustments and patience from everyone. 

  • Consider the impact on others and be organised   
  • Change quickly, proactive dressing 
  • Directly place wet swimmers into a bag avoid contact with a surface
  • Rinse only in showers to reduce time and contact points for possible transmission
  • Attend to personal hygiene at home in the safety of your own bathroom
  • Do not enter the bathroom when social distancing is not achievable, please wait for a family to leave the bathroom  
  • Please do not use the toilet cubicle for changing

What we are doing to help you

  • Intense deep cleaning twice daily
  • Water testing 3 times daily 
  • Regular cleaning over high touchpoints through the day
  • Providing disinfectant spray accessible to parents and asking you to clean the baby change table after use, you are most welcome to clean before if you choose.
  • The additional baby change tables on pool deck will remain there throughout winter.

During peak times, one of our Team members will be patrolling and monitoring the amenities.

If delays occur during peak times, please understand this is for the safety of everyone and we thank you in advance for your cooperation.

A warm dressing gown or similar will ensure you are able to limit your visit with us and leave promptly.

We have set up tables to assist with the changing of babies before and after lessons. These are located on the pool deck. We have additional staff to assist families if needed. 

Please do not approach the person directly. Come and see the front office staff and we will investigate the matter. Safety of all our families and staff is our number one priority.