Bringing together a combination of development skills and play enables us make your baby come to enjoy the water environment.

We are so passionate about introducing swim skills to all our Aqua babies.

Equally important for us, is supporting Mum and Dad during this time. We understand you may have lots of questions and might be nervous about introducing water skills to your baby.

We want you to feel confident and be assured we have trained, qualified, experienced Senior Teachers specialising in this age group. We’re proud to say we have taught hundreds of babies, and through that experience we have developed wonderful techniques that will enhance your child’s development.

We provide friendly supportive instructions and guidance to ensure both you and your baby can be active in your child’s progression.

Our babies start from 4months to 2years. Class progression without parents takes place when:

  • a child is over 2 yrs 
  • can move forward through the water supported with flotation 
  • displays independent skills to function in the next level
  • discussions with parents about the benefits

On occasion a child may present with settling issues relating to detaching from Mum or Dad. This is not uncommon, and we are mindful its your family’s first experience. We use techniques that include parents in the process and provide updates during the settling process. We only teach from a holistic nurturing approach.

We do not advocate any style of infant survival swim lessons You may come across different social media videos showing distressed infants in lessons. Be assured this is NOT a method used in our centre.  We care deeply about our your child’s well being and want to reassure you our teaching is focused on learning skills ,your child is happiness and a future love of water.


“The lesson is well structured and caters to our 7 month old who had no prior swimming lessons. The facility is well kept and clean.” Chloe

“Love how you take bub from 4 months and the teachers are great.”

“My daughter has been going since 4 months she’s now almost 2 her teachers have always been helpful and very good with her all staff are all very friendly. Look forward to the many more years I will continue to bring my daughter to swim.” Smidt


As your baby grows you may need to change times. View our timetable to find the most suitable time.  

  • Between feed and sleep 
  • Parents availability 
  • Ensuring your baby has the greatest enjoyment each lesson.

*Places are subject to availability. 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
9:30am 9:00am 9:30am 9:30am 8:30am  8:00am  8:00am
10:30am 10:00am 5:30pm 11.00am 9:30am 8:30am 8.30am
5:30pm 11:00am 10:30am 9:30am 9:00am
5:30pm 5:30pm 9:30am

Our Hygiene Policy: Our water quality is maintained to the highest standard ensuring a safer environment for your baby to discover their love for swimming.

It is essential all children under 3yrs wear a swimmer nappy. Happy Nappy – the Re-useable swimmer nappy is now available at reception $29.00. No ties, no Velcro or elastic. We recommend this product to all parents as it is long term cost effective and assists in maintaining a cleaner environment for all swimmers.