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Pricing and Policies

Learn to Swim Pricing and Policies

We have classes to suit all ages, from bubs to adults, including competitive swimming & squad training.

Class placement

Our policy is to carefully assess children as they progress, with consideration given to age, gross motor skills, emotional maturity and overall swimming ability, to ensure the move up is correctly timed.

How To Book

Initial payment of fees is due at the time of any new booking. Bookings can be securely made and finalised over the phone by calling the centre and speaking to the Reception Team. Bookings cannot be held without payment. Monthly payment of fees is via direct debit only. This is debited from your nominated account between the 1st and 5th of every month.

Lesson Prices 2017 Per Lesson Family 4 Weeks Family 5 Weeks
1st Child $17.50 $70.00 $87.50
2nd Child $16.50 $136.00 $170.00
3rd Child $14.00 $192.00 $240.00
4th Child $10.50 $234.00 $292.50
Casual Learn to Swim Lesson $20.00
Want to excel your child with a Multi Booking?

Why not start with two lessons per week for the first month? This is a great way to improve skills, build confidence and sometimes advance to the next level. Multi lessons can be booked for a short period or longer periods. Speak to us today about the benefits of multi lessons.

2 Lessons per Week Multi Family 4 Weeks Multi Family 5 Weeks
1st Child $31.50 $126.00 $157.50
2nd Child $30.50 $248.00 $310.00
Booking Responsibility

Please be mindful of your responsibility to ensure funds are accessible from your nominated account from the 1st day of every month. Failure to do so will result in an addition charge of $15 dishonour fee. We reserve the right to refuse to teach any student who has an overdue account. If the parent or guardian does not make any contact with the centre, either verbally, via email or front desk, to make arrangements to settle any overdue amounts, the student will not be taught and the booking cancelled. A mininum of 5 days notice prior to the end of the month must be given to cancel a booking and all cancellation forms must be completed in person at the centre.

Lesson Absence
  • A minimum of 4hrs notice is require if you are unable to attend your lesson, otherwise the lesson will be forfeited and no makeup option available.
  • Make up lessons must be completed within 8 weeks of the recorded missed lesson and it is the account holder’s responsibility to ensure all make up lessons are scheduled within that period.
  • Make up lessons cannot be used as credit for any future payments.
  • Make up lessons can only be used whilst there is a current perpetual booking. All scheduled make up lessons must be attended. IE: there is no makeup option for a makeup lesson. If you do not attend your make up lesson, it is forfeited.

With the exception of a small break at Christmas and all public holidays, Dive In Swimming Academy operates all year round and does not close for school holidays. In the event a student cannot attend lessons during the school holidays the above cancellation and make up policy applies. You can record future absences at anytime.

NDIS – Private Lessons  Enrolment  & Pricing

Dive In is an inclusive centre supporting the needs of mainstream and disable swimmers. Sometimes a group setting isnt suitable for a swimmer with a disabilty. Successful NDIS participants may qualify for a private lesson.

Private Lessons 2017 Per Lesson 4 Weeks 5 Weeks
15-minute private lesson $25.00 $100.00 $125.00
30-minute private lesson $45.00 $180.00 $225.00

Please contact us to discuss your childs needs and the current NDIS support catergories.  Provided your child meets the criteria for a  private lesson our director will contact you to discuss options and goals.  Progress is monitored to  ensure productive, progression and goals are achieived. Where possible we work towards  and encourage the swimmer to progress to a group lesson for the social and interaction aspects.

Our centre is an Approved NDIS Provider. If you have or are applying for NDIS please contact us to discuss your plan and NDIS support areas.

These classes are have limited availability and are conducted outside of learn to swim program hours. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Squad Pricing

All squad members must be assessed or graduated from learn to swim to qualify. Members can be competitive or non-competitive swimmers. 

Squads 2017 Monthly Fees Casual Visit
Junior $88.00 $18.00
Mini $70.00 $16.50

What to Bring

30min Lessons

  • all under 3yrs swim nappy
  • goggles over 3yrs

45min Lessons

  • goggles
  • soft blade fins


  • goggles
  • kick board, soft blade fins , pool buoy


In the interests of safety, it is a requirement that you or your child report to reception upon arrival at the centre before attending a lesson, to have your child’s attendance recorded. It is imperative that we know at all times which and how many children are in the centre, and failure to comply could put your child at risk should an emergency situation arise, or should we need to contact you.

Safety is our absolute priority whilst your children are in our care. Please assist us to keep the centre safe for all by not allowing your child to enter the pool area or water before having their name marked off at reception.

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