Aqua-Babies Classes – Where learning and play come together

At Dive In we only advocate a holistic teaching style which support the child physically, mentally and emotionally.

All babies and toddlers Learn to Swim classes are taken by Qualified, Experienced Senior Teachers specialising in this age group, ensuring both you and your child receive the highest level of water education. Dive In Swimming Academy is a proud member of the ASSA. At Dive In we aim to offer positive water safety program.

In this age group, susan off mat flippedparents play an active part in their child’s aquatic education and confidence, and helps them to develop a respect for and understanding of the water, setting a positive foundation for the years to come.                                                                                         During initial swim lessons, we will teach the accompanying parent to be calm, relaxed and enthusiastic. Displaying no fear or nervousness near the water has a positive benefit to your child’s lesson.  Negativity can be passed on to the child through both words  and body language . The parents will learn correct behaviours, techniques and guidelines each lesson, which can then be used and continued outside structured lessons – with praise and positive reinforcement from the parents the child’s confidence and ability in the water will flourish! Parents are welcome to alternate weekly so they both get a chance to learn and enjoy the water with their child. The gift of learning to swim is one of the most important life skills we can pass on to our children.

We do not advocate any style of infant survival swim lessons. This style of lesson recently viewed in the media shows distressed infants and may result in long- term trauma. On occasion a child may present with settling issues relating to detaching from mum or dad. We only offer a holistic nurturing approach to teaching our students.


Our Hygiene Policy:  Our water quality is maintained to the highest standard ensuring a safer environment for your baby to discover their love for swimming. It is essential all children under 3yrs wear a swimmer nappy. Happy Nappy – the Re-useable swimmer nappy is now available at reception $29.00. No ties, no Velcro or elastic. We recommend this product to all parents as it is long term cost effective and assists in maintaining a cleaner environment for all swimmers.


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